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About Liberty Brass

1938 Liberty Picture
Liberty Brass is Incorporated!

Founded by Max Zuckerwise in 1919, Liberty Brass was incorporated in the early 1930’s in New York.  The company located in Manhattan at the corner of Canal and Walker Street and moved to its’ present location in Long Island City, NY in 1950.  Jack and Walter Zuckerwise, Max’s two sons joined the company in the 1940’s and remained with the company until the mid 1990’s.  Jack’s two sons, David and Peter entered in 1971 and 1979 respectively, the brothers gaining ownership in 1993.

Max was an innovator and successfully distributed a kit that enabled homeowners to convert their homes from gas lighting to electrical lighting in the late 1920’s.  Additionally, he forsaw an end to prohibition and had the company manufacture thousands upon thousands of beer keg taps in 1933. Jack used to tell stories of folks coming to the factory and literally throwing money at him in an effort to purchase these taps so they could open a bar.

David and Peter developed a catalog of lighting parts and Liberty became the largest stocking manufacturer of screw machine products for the lighting industry in the country.  Additionally, machining centers were added and then we were not just ‘Turning’ either as the company took on general machine work as well.  Later in the 1990’s, importing became an important addition to the business model adding a dimension not previously had by the company.

About Liberty Brass


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