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Located in Long Island City, New York on Queens Boulevard, one can exit the building, look to the right, and see the United Nations Building just across the East River. The factory inhabits a space that is just over 22000 square feet. Offices are on the second floor. Equipment includes:

  • Hitachi Seiki and Miyano CNC Lathes
  • Hitachi Seiki and Brother CNC Machining Centers
  • Brown and Sharpe Automatic Screw Machines
  • New Britain Multiple Spindle Screw Machines
  • Warner and Swazey Turret Lathes
  • Bridgeport, Nichols and Cinncinati Milling Machines

And a full complement of Drill Presses, Inspection Equipment, and shop machinery of every type as well as material handling equipment.


In 1995, the need for less expensive components became of paramount importance to the company’s client base. In order to compete in the lighting industry with imports from China, it was determined that Liberty needed to go abroad for product. Manufacturers in India interested the owners and a trip was taken for the purpose of opening a line of supply from that country. At the time, most importing was from China and it was clear that the company needed to move ahead of the curve rather than just go along with the flow of business so India emerged as a source of product. The language is largely English, there is respect for intellectual property, and a large emphasis on education in that country were factors that were seen as dispositive.

Six potential suppliers were visited and sample orders were provided to four of these. The orders were all for the catalog as it was thought that this was a good way to begin importing parts. Early on it became clear that there was a real advantage to doing business in India and so the relationship with three of these companies was expanded.

As such, the company’s business model was changed in a way that has contributed much to the success and strength of the company. Some of the aspects of the model are:

  • Generally, the company will only import parts it can also manufacture in its’ New York Facility.
  • The company will offer domestic production of the ‘rush’ portion of an import order in order to provide the customer with a seamless delivery experience. The domestic part of the product is price ‘blended’ with the imported part overcoming the issue of delivery from the other side of the world yet providing cost benefits that are reflective of imported products.
  • Where an order is not shipped on time, the company will offer a delivery insurance policy, manufacturing parts for the customer at its’ own facility, to provide a continuous flow of parts to the customer. This provides a major added value to importing with Liberty Brass as opposed to trying to import directly without such a safety net.

To date, approximately 25% of the company’s sales are imported with the remaining 75% manufactured at the factory in Long Island City.


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