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Custom-Made Products

Chess Set
Grahame Fowler Chess Set

Liberty Brass is not just Brass. In the early years the company concentrated on brass fittings, but it soon became evident that the staff and equipment was more than capable of performing work in a host of materials and there was a first expansion into aluminum, then mild steel, and then into stainless steel and even plastics.

It was only in the early 1990’s that Liberty Brass began stocking parts on a large scale basis. Prior to this with the exception of brass balls, virtually every item sold was a custom item. This tradition continues today with about 70% of total sales still being comprised of custom made items.

If you have a sample, a blueprint, or even an idea, call us and we can show you how to turn a dream into a component. AND, we can surprise you with the low entry cost involved whether it be for 5 pieces or 5 million, in brass, aluminum, steel or any alloy in between—Liberty Brass can help.


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